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Darkness by Steven Bates 21 July 2023

Darkness fills my empty room With visions oft of grim and gloom When eyes are closed I always see Scenes of war still haunting me

And so I sleep with lights on bright To ward off things that bring me fright For shadows hide the fiercest scenes Of battle gear and war machines

When I'm awake the lights are on Cause shadows hold the past long gone A flashlight carried every day keeps the shadows held at bay

So though the dark keeps nerves on edge And shadows, memories tend to dredge The dark is not what I fear most But the past that comes up like a ghost

It lurks in corners, in darkened space But my trusty flashlight clears all trace So while my wife may give me friction Of my flashlight predilection

I know she truly understands Of how the darkness fear commands And she supports me even when I sleep with the lights all on again!

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