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Gene’s Daily Scriptural Postings.

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We were having supper in a restaurant in Albany, Georgia, and had just given our waitress a gospel tract. This brought about an incident we shall probably never forget. The young lady was married and had one child, though still a teen-ager, but she was a sincere believer and had already learned one lesson which is bound to enrich the life of any Christian.

About ten months previous her little baby, only two months old, had become seriously ill. The little one was taken to the hospital but his condition worsened daily. “I was on my knees so much those days,” said the young mother, “begging the Lord day after day not to take my little child, and I guess I got a little bitter one night when the doctor warned me in a kind way not to expect too much.

“I went home again and began claiming promises from the Lord, when it dawned on me that I hadn’t been praying right. All of a sudden it came to me, and I said: ‘Lord, I’m your child and I know perfectly well that you wouldn’t do anything to harm me, so please help me just to trust you and to understand that whatever you do is for my good.’

“I felt better then,” she said, “and I guess the Lord just wanted me to learn that lesson, because what do you think! The very next morning when I went to the hospital one of the nurses came to me almost dancing. She said: ‘Honey, your baby’s going to live. The crisis is over. You should see how well he’s doing!’ And he was! You should have seen him! And you should see how fine and healthy he is now!

“I’m so thankful. And believe me, I’ve learned that lesson, and won’t go demanding things from the Lord again.”

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Gene’s Daily Scriptural Postings

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