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09 March 2022

Too many Christians see faith as a momentary thing. They don't realize that faith is most often a process. It builds over time until it produces something miraculous. You must water the seeds of faith that get planted in your life. You do that by keeping those words at the top of your mind continually. Prayer, pondering Bible passages and God's promises, and especially listening to good teaching on the subject are all good ways to keep watering those seeds of faith. Often we need to listen to something over and over again before it becomes revelation to our hearts. Commit to watering one seed of faith each day. Then watch as amazing things start to happen in response to your growing faith!

My child, pay attention to what I say.

Listen carefully to my words.

Don’t lose sight of them.

Let them penetrate deep into your heart,

for they bring life to those who find them,

and healing to their whole body.— Proverbs 4:20-22 (NLT)

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