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The Miracle of the Nets: John 21:1-14

Focus Passage: John 21:1-14 (NIV)

While reading about the disciples fishing adventure following Jesus’ resurrection, I am impressed by two details John includes in his version of this event. Following the disciples towing the nets full of fish to the shore, and after Peter had abandoned the disciples and dove into the water to swim to shore, John tells us, “So Simon Peter climbed back into the boat and dragged the net ashore. It was full of large fish, 153, but even with so many the net was not torn.” (v. 11)

John wrote his gospel decades after this event had taken place, and even after so much time had passed, He remembered this event exceptionally well. This event had made such a deep impression on his memory that he even remembered the number of fish they had caught, which was 153, and that even with this high number of fish, the nets did not tear.

When we read about this event, we are tempted to only see one miracle: the miracle catch of fish after having come up empty the previous night. But there is another miracle here as well, and that is the miracle that the nets did not tear. This is a distinctly separate miracle because while the miracle of the fish is one of abundant blessing, the miracle of the nets is one of preservation.

This preservation miracle opens us up to seeing a new angle on how God can work. Not only should we pay attention to His abundant blessings, but we should also note that these blessings were not too much for us to bear. When God abundantly blesses us, He does so in a way that will not ultimately harm us in the long run – and this may mean that the blessing might look different than we might imagine.

Also, the miracle of the nets prompts us to see how God might work subtly – helping to preserve the things we have and helping them last longer. Similar to the children of Israel not having their sandals wear out while walking in the wilderness, God can choose to work by helping our stuff last longer as well. We might not think of this as a miracle, but it may be much more than simply a coincidence.

God’s blessings come in many ways, and the miracle of the nets, while overshadowed by the miracle of the fish, helps us focus on God’s preservation as one way He may choose to work in our lives.

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