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02 February 2024

It is important that we learn how to discern the difference between those who bring powerful messages that transform lives and those whose messages may sound attractive, but ultimately lack transformational power or might even be destructive. 


Jesus told us how to tell the two types of messengers apart. He said we should look at the fruit in their lives and in their ministries. 


One key indicator of a fruitless message, or even a destructive one, is a lack of personal stories of God doing good things in the speaker's life in the area they are speaking about. God is good and He is active in our lives. When a preacher rarely shares about that goodness, he likely isn't experiencing it personally. 


We can also look at relationships around the person and in their ministry. Are things peaceful with mostly good relationships? Or is there a lot of fear or strife around them? These are all indicators of the fruit in the person's life and ministry. Jesus said we would know the wolves in sheep's clothing by their fruits.


Therefore by their fruits you will know them. — Matthew 7:20 (WEB)

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