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18 February 2024

The Bible records over forty kings for Israel and Judah in the Old Testament. For only about one in five does the Bible say that they did what was right before God. 


Yet of all the kings, only one is recorded as having finished his life well in the eyes of God. Several of the kings started well. But only David finished strong, still walking in God's ways. Even Solomon, with all his wisdom, wandered far from God by the end of his life. 


That's an important lesson for us as believers and followers of Jesus. The most important part of our lives is not how we start out. How we finish will have a bigger lasting impact for the Kingdom of God than even how we do in the middle of our lives. 


That's good news! Even if you've made some poor choices in your life, you can still adjust course and walk more closely with God. You still have an opportunity to become more like David. Will you choose to finish strong?


For David, after he had in his own generation served the counsel of God, fell asleep, was laid with his fathers, and saw decay. 

— Acts 13:36 (WEB)

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