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21 March 2024

People who choose to honor God are in turn honored by Him. God Himself promises to do this. At the same time, God said that He will humble those who despise Him. The world seems to get this exactly backwards.


One quick look at sports, entertainment, politics, or most any news headline quickly reveals those who are being honored by the world's system despise God. Today's cultural heroes reject the what God values while whole heartedly embracing all sorts of ungodliness. These are the kinds of people the world raises up. And these same people often fall out of favor very suddenly because of some scandal too.


The good news for us is that God promises to raise up those who honor Him. There is no need to give in to the temptation to endorse ungodliness. Instead, honor God. Trust Him to honor you and raise you up at the right time.


When you are honored and raised up by God instead of by your own maneuverings you can rest sure in the knowledge that He will hold you there in that place of honor. And there is peace in that place that you will never experience by maneuvering through self promotion.


Therefore the Lord God of Israel says, “I surely said that your house, and the house of your father, should walk before Me forever,” but now the Lord says, “Far be it from Me to do so, for those who honor Me, I will honor, and those that despise Me will be humbled.” 

— 1 Samuel 2:30 (MEV)

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