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05 June 2022

God created all sorts of beautiful things for our enjoyment. Whether it's a breathtakingly spectacular sunset, an overwhelmingly cute puppy, or a majestic scenic vista, God made all those things and so much more to put a smile on your face and bless you. At the same time beauty always points back to God as its true and original author. A little part of the character of the creator is revealed in every masterpiece He produces. Allow those moments of beauty to feed your soul as God wraps His arms around you with an encouraging affectionate hug. Your Father in Heaven loves you. Sometimes the way He communicates that to you is by creating special moments that touch your heart. God is speaking and reaching out to you. Will you hear and respond to Him with gratitude today?

He has made His wonderful works to be remembered; the Lord is gracious and full of compassion. — Psalms 111:4 (MEV)
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