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07 June 2022

We often have an understanding of God that is far too small. We see the problems in our life and forget how much bigger God is than even the most horrible problem we could ever be faced with. Instead of obsessing about our problems, we should magnify our perspective and view of God. When you see good things in your world, let them point to God who is the source of everything good. When something touches your soul and takes your breath away in a good way, know that is a God moment. He is saying hello and giving you a hug. For example, drink in the majesty of a spectacular sunrise. Allow your eyes to absorb the beauty and wonder of the scene in that moment. At the same time, remember this. No matter how magnificent the sunrise, God is even more magnificent.

Be exalted, God, above the heavens! Let your glory be over all the earth.— Psalms 108:5 (WEB)
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