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26 June 2022

Many Christians see their relationship with Jesus as something that only will have value as they step into eternity. For them, it's all about getting to heaven when they die. In the meantime they do the best they can to survive. They don't see the high quality life Jesus makes available to each one of us right now, in this life today. Unfortunately, many Christians were taught a message of conversion that is all about a destination one day in the distant future. However Jesus is calling each of us into an intimate relationship with Him and with the Father. He means for our journey to be as wonderful as the destination itself. This relationship of a disciple makes for a far more enjoyable and superior overall experience as we walk through this life. It's a life of power, and liberty to make personal choices that isn't forced on us by outside influences. It's a life of inexplicable peace and overflowing joy that can only come from time spent in close proximity with God Himself. This is the life Jesus is calling you into today. The question is this. Will you respond and go to Him?

He went up into the mountain, and called to himself those whom he wanted, and they went to him. — Mark 3:13 (WEB)
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