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08 July 2022

Did you know that how wealth is obtained is as important at obtaining it in the first place? The Bible tells us there is a right way and a wrong way to produce wealth. In the world's mammon system, wealth is taken from others, the quicker the better. According to the Bible, wealth gained that way will not last. It will dwindle away and leave its owners worse off than before they obtained it. But wealth gained God's way will last. In the Kingdom of God wealth grows consistently over time. It is not gained all at once. In God's Kingdom your soul must prosper before your bank account will. That way your heart is ready to actually possess wealth. God's path to wealth equips believers to retain what they receive.

Wealth [not earned but] won in haste or unjustly or from the production of things for vain or detrimental use [such riches] will dwindle away, but he who gathers little by little will increase [his riches].— Proverbs 13:11 (AMPC)
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