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Gene’s Daily Scriptural Postings.

19 August 2022

It is God's blessing, grace, and favor on your life that allows you to prosper, not any plans or brilliant manipulations on your part. We see this in the life of Abraham. He prospered in spite of his own mistakes. His wife Sarah was so beautiful that Abraham feared Pharaoh would kill him to take her when they went down to Egypt because of a famine. So he had Sarah tell everyone that she was his sister instead of his wife. Pharaoh gave Abraham extravagant gifts and took Sarah into the palace. Yet Pharaoh sent Abraham away with Sarah and all the gifts when the truth was discovered. God protected and prospered Abraham in spite of himself, and Sarah too. This was before Abraham even had a covenant with God. Think about how much more of God's blessing and favor you have on your life than Abraham had on his because you are part of the New Covenant with Jesus. You are born again in Christ and have the Holy Spirit living in you. Learn the promises God has made to you. Then choose to trust those promises and receive them into your own life.

Pharaoh commanded men concerning him, and they escorted him away with his wife and all that he had.— Genesis 12:20 (WEB)
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