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Gene’s Daily Scriptural Postings.

23 August 2022

We were made for joy. God designed our physical bodies to operate best in a loving, joy-filled environment. So much so that a joyful heart actually works healing in our bodies. Studies show that laughter produces positive physical effects on our bodies including boosting our immune system, lowering stress hormones, decreasing pain, relaxing muscles, as well as reducing heart disease. Laughter also helps us emotionally too by reducing anxiety, tension, and stress. Plus it even can help our relationships by defusing conflict and enhancing teamwork. Adding more laughter and joy to your life improves things without any negative side effects. Choose to build the habit of joyfulness in your life. If it feels uncomfortable at first, then a good place to start is by simply making it a point to smile more. Think about things you are thankful for, and things you enjoy. Surround yourself with people who like to laugh and actually enjoy life. Stop taking yourself and life quite so seriously. Learn to laugh at yourself and the absurdities you see around you. Not only will you find that you enjoy life more, but your health will begin to improve and you will also become more attractive to others around you too.

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.— Proverbs 17:22 (HCSB)
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