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Flashback Episode — Praising God through Jesus: Luke 17:11-19

Listen to this episode and/or subscribe on Episode: Year of Miracles – Episode 40: When Jesus sent ten lepers on a mission, only one returned to give thanks. Discover some things we can learn from this amazing miracle, and what the one man risked when he returned to thank Jesus. Join the discussion on the original episode's page: Click Here. Read the transcript: As we move through the miracles in the gospels, we come to the point in Jesus’ miracles where He makes His way towards Jerusalem leading up to the crucifixion. Early on in this trip, we come to an event that is interesting, because in it, those present are healed without Jesus’ presence and after they begin following Jesus’ instructions. However, one of those present in the group risks everything because he chooses to deviate from Jesus’ instructions in order to do something he feels is more important than finishing the task Jesus had sent him on. Let’s read about what happened, and discover some things we can apply in our own life from what took place. Ou