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Gene’s Daily Scriptural Postings.

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10 December 2022


God's word is powerful and alive. It absolutely works and produces results in the lives of everyone who believes. This is good news because it means if you don't see results in your own life, then there is something you can do about it. You can change what you believe. Paul describes that process as being transformed by the renewing of your mind. That is exactly what happened in my own life when I went to Bible college. All that time invested in studying God's word renewed my mind and changed my thinking patterns so they lined up more closely with God's word. Now my life is much more like what I see in the New Testament than it ever was before. Even so, I am still growing, renewing my mind, and aligning what I truly believe deep down more with the Bible every day. It's a life-long journey. The best part? God is no respecter of persons. What He did for me, He will gladly do for you too. Do you care enough to invest time in God's word to change what you believe so you can see more God-results in your own life?

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