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Gene’s Daily Scriptural Postings.

13 December 2022


It's easy to get bogged down and distracted by "shoulds" and focus on all sorts of things that we should or shouldn't be doing. For many, those shoulds begin to pile up into an ever expanding list of dos and don'ts for good behavior that they attempt to apply to themselves and others. The Bible shows us a better way. Instead of "shoulding" on everyone, we will do well to keep love at the front of all we do. Jesus Himself told us that love for God and love for others was the key to fulfilling even the Old Testament law. When we come at our relationships with from the perspective of how best to love others, all the shoulds will take care of themselves. Perhaps it's time to stop shoulding on yourself and allow God to truly love you, just as you are. Love is the only way.

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Love does no ha