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12 August 2023

Many Christians still approach God in the Old Testament way, as slaves hoping not to be punished for any mistakes they make. But in Christ, you are now God's own precious child. God calls you His son or daughter, not His slave. The New Testament is very clear. Jesus did away with all the old classes of God's people that determined status. Jesus even elevated women to equal status with men. In His day, women were very much second class citizens. For example, women were not allowed to be taught by rabbis, nor were they allowed to inherit property. There are multiple examples in the Gospels of women learning at the feet of Jesus just like men. And Paul writes that we are all sons, that there is no longer male nor female in Christ. He meant we are equal in status, not equivalent in biology. We are all one in Christ. You are God's precious child. That means you are now entitled to all the privileges and carry the responsibilities that come with being a member of God's own immediate family. Slaves just do what they are told. But God wants to partner with you along with Jesus, your brother, to expand His Kingdom here on the earth. Your Father invites you to be an important part of the family business. Will you will step into all that God has for you?


For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus. — Galatians 3:26 (NKJV)

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