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Gene’s Daily Scriptural Postings.


04 May 2023

There is a longing for connection and significance woven into the core of every person. It's part of our makeup as human beings. God put it there. We are hardwired to believe. As a follower of Jesus you know God is the one you are meant to believe. You were created for it. You know that. God has a tremendous opinion of you. He's written it down in His Word. Will you believe Him? God also wrote down heaps of wonderful promises just waiting for you to collect. Will you learn what they are and chose to believe them? He has given you His entire Kingdom to explore! What are you waiting for?


You are My witnesses, says the Lord,
 and My servant whom I have chosen
 that you may know and believe Me,
 and understand that I am He.
 Before Me there was no God formed,
 nor shall there be after Me. — Isaiah 43:10 (MEV)