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Gene’s Daily Scriptural Postings.


14 May 2023

Some Christians are hostile to planning. They prefer to trust the Holy Spirit to give them direction in the moment. Some even think that is the only way the Holy Spirit can direct us. However, Proverbs says that the wise person considers where they are going before they set out. Then their course is set so that they get to their intended destination. In truth the Holy Spirit can also direct us when we are still in the planning portion of our endeavor. God sees the end from the beginning of a thing. Therefore He can give us the exact plans we need well before the thing so that we are perfectly situated to fulfill His will on the day. Don't buy into the lie that the only way you can be in the Spirit is to wing it all the time. If you are working with a team, or if you are more comfortable having things planned out a little, then trust the Holy Spirit to guide you in the planning process too. Likewise, also allow Him to adjust your plans on the day if some fine tuning is required. That might be just the thing to reduce the amount of stress, pressure, and chaos in your life.


Ponder the path of your feet,