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Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Brother against Brother! There are many times in history we have seen those words.

I am reminded of two circumstances in my life that make my think of this particularly. The first was as a child after my father’s mission trip to Puerto Rico for Hurricane Hugo he invited another Sailor to Church with his family. The family that joined us was African-American. This incident caused us to stop going to Church (I am glad because I had many bad experiences that I never verbalized to my parents). My Dad explained that you could “Feel” the racism although everyone pretended everything was great.

The second incident was my brother in arms and my sister (his Angel Wife). They went to Walmart by Fort Bragg and he said ” Goodmorning Sir”, and in front of their 4 children the man replied with ‘ Stupid N***** Family’.

This is the type of circumstances we see everyday. Brothers against Brothers. How can we call ourselves “Good” or “Christians” if this is the way we treat each other?

In the military I have seen this less often although not fully exempt from bad apples it isn’t as common as it is in Communities around our Country.

In the end my point is as Brothers and Sisters we need to be and do better.

Until next time Wishing you much Growth and Grace.

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