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Kimmer's Korner

Hello, Kimmer here. I am an Army Veteran 79 - 83. I'd like to take a moment to talk about WarriorsForLife (WFL). Thanks to Lt.Col. Charlie, who on RP, did a posting for it. So, I began attending groups. At first, I didn't turn my camera on or say much, just listened. I liked what I was seeing and lowered my security measures and joined openly. How I remember that night back in September. It was mostly men, and I was very anti-man. But they welcomed me freely, night after night during groups. They didn't challenge me or make me feel awkward. In fact, they listened to me and I'm not sure they knew how to take ime I was so full of anger and rage. Fast forward, I have become to not only trusting these men but love them as well. We have such a great relationship. They have helped me immensely on my healing journey. And we even talk on the on the phone at all times of the day. They have become my brothers! There are a couple of women that facilitate groups, who have become like sisters. And I am a facilitator too, how cool is that! We all have one thing in common, we want to guide others along their healing journey. Please join us.

Groups are Sat.- Thur. @1930 ET. Friday night is a 'women's only' group @ 1830 ET. Sunday night's Spirituality group @1930 ET. We have two groups on Mon. & Fri., 'coffee break' @ 0900 ET. Then we have a Tuesday afternoon group @ 1400 ET. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

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