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Victory for Veterans (VFV) Hall of Fame Volunteers

Victory for Veterans (VFV) is proud to introduce you to some great Americans and Volunteers that are making a difference in the life of Veterans, Service Members, First Responders, and their Families with their time and talents.

Let me introduce you to the "Hall of Fame" Volunteers!

Great Volunteers Doing Great Things!

Faciliators of the Warriors for Life (WFL) Virtual Group Support Community Support Team

Vetaran and Therapist PO3 Christopher St. John providing awesome peer-to-peer support on Sunday evenings each week for VFV and WFL

Veteran SGT Steve McFarland who is providing awesome lessons and ministry through the "Healing Through Faith" Virtual Group Support each and every Tuesday evening for VFV and WFL.

Veteran and Master Resilience Coach SSgt Christina Herr providing awesome "Sharing and Caring for veterans, service members, and their families on Monday evenings for VFV an WFL.

The VFV Team

Veteran Cpl Jania Masterson who is providing adminsitrative services for VFV and WFL

Civilian Supporter Nancy Johnston who is providing additional adminstrative support for VFV and WFL.

Civilian Supporter Anita Nowocin providing grant writing services

CEO and Founder of Victory for Veterans Steve Durgin

Current Serving Board Members for VFV

Veteran Lt Col Charlie Brown, Veteran SSgt Terry Jenkin, Veteran/Retiree Brig Gen Jim Jaegers, Veteran SPC Douglas Bolton, Veteran/Retiree LTC Stephan Porter, Civilian Supporter Angelea Strider, Civilian Supporter Erin Morrow, Veteran/Retiree Major Gen Robert Hipwell, Veteran Sgt Gary Johnson, Veteran Sgt Michael Turner, and Veteran/Retiree COL Mikel Burroughs

Current Serving Board Advisors for VFV

Civilian Support Cindy Arnold Humiston, Veteran SSgt Sean Hakes, Veteran Sgt Kerry Harkins, Veteran SGT Michael Thorin, Veteran TSgt Matthew Zien, Veteran/Retiree LTC Brian Flach, Civilian Supporter Ed Good, Civilian Supporter Michael Toth, Veteran SPC Shawn Jones, Civilian Supporter Stephanie Jones, Veteran SGT Robert Rouse, Veteran CPL Beth Allsop, Veteran SFC Duane France, Civilian Supporter Glenn Costie, and Veteran SGT Hutch Dubosque

If your interested in being a volunteer or part of the great VFV team, please contact COL (Ret) Mike Burroughs at: (or) (760) 994-2055

We're looking to add VFVRIDE Locations - Need RIDE Captains across the Country

We're looking to add more Cemeteries for "A Flower on Every Grave" - Need Volunteers/Organizers to Head up those Cemeteries

Always looking to connect and partner with other great non-profit organizations

Looking for Sponsors for "A Fower on Every Grave;" The Good Aviation and Veteran Museum, and the VFVRIDE "Warriors for Life" Poker, Dice, or Texas hold'em Events

Check out the website for all of the VFV Programs, Services, Store, and Blogs.

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