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Updated: Jan 7

Join Veteran SGT Steve McFarland this Tuesday night for "Healing Through Faith" Warriors for Life (WFL) Virtual Group Support Community Services

Tuesday's Topic: "What is Man? — Our Search For Significance!"

"What is man?" is really a question of our significance. To be fulfilled, and to be complete, we have to know that we are significant...that we matter. We ask "Am I just an insignificant speck in this giant cosmos we call the "universe"?, or "Do I really matter in the grand scheme of things?". What is man?

These questions beg for answers, because deep in our hearts, we really want to know if our brief existence on this earth counts for anything beyond our immediate sphere of influence. This is not just another study of our creation, although that is a vital part of the answer to these questions, but instead we need to look at what makes us significant as human beings, made in God's image.

What I want to try to answer is "Are we significant?", and if we are, "Why are we significant?". This reaches deep into the core of our person-hood.

Looking for significance in all the wrong places...

For a person without the sense of true person-hood, their significance usually comes from the roles they play in society, the things they do, and their achievements and titles. These people often have grown up without any affirmation of their value as a person. Their only value is in what they could do, not in who they are.


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