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I have an update on our Zero Down Home Buying Program!

Some have told me this already exists with the VA.  The simple truth is NO, this is not accurate.

Yes, can you get a loan for zero down through the VA, BUT you don’t get:

  1. High end Education from a 20+ year Mortgage AND Real Estate Broker!

  2. Trusted relationships with Mortgage and Real Estate Professionals (hard to come by)

  3. Up to $2,500 in repairs so your home is Move-In Ready!

…and again, we at Victory For Veterans make this available to Veterans and First Responders for FREE

No charge for the education, No charge for providing these key relationships, No charge for assisting and guiding you through this process (which for many is quite daunting and confusing), and NO charge to help you NEGOTIATE a great contract to buy your next home.

So, I am personally confused as to why there is push back.  The Veteran and First Responder gets a great – no awesome value – and service at no cost!

I actually had someone message me and tell me this was a scam.  If I am scamming, wouldn’t i first ask for some money?  Since it’s free – why would I bother…

So, for all you Veterans and First Responders who actually want to improve themselves and have a desire to get into a home with truly zero out of pocket and have some help negotiating, then come by for a visit:

Victory For Veterans

See you on the inside!

Steve Durgin

  1. 719-491-0717 – yep, this is my real number… don’t abuse the priviledge to reach me directly.  If I don’t answer PLEASE leave a message as I am quite busy and might not be able to answer right away.

  2. – yep, my real email address.  Please don’t scam or spam me so I can do a great job of providing awesome services for our Veterans and First Responders!

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