Wellness Center

Victory For Veterans is aggressively fundraising to create many wellness centers across the USA in heavily populated centers where our Veterans and First Responders live.

Over 120 Million people live in the cities we have selected to begin our healing journey!

We need your help!

Each city has a goal to raise $150,000 from the generous support of individuals and local businesses.

The objective is to serve over 3,000 men and women Vets/First Responders per year!

These centers will be focused on overall WELLNESS and Non-Drug Solutions.

We will provide:

- Pain management

- Oxygen therapy (HBOT)

- Blood flow enhancing (Bemer)

- Counseling

- Massage (cranial and body)

- Acupuncture

- Nutrition & Detox

- Fitness

- Yoga

- Reiki

- and more...

Please consider helping us build these centers.