Wellness Wishes

Funding a Healthier Future

Wellness Wishes Incorporated is an Ohio-based 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, whose mission is to fund a healthier future for communities and their members.  Broad in nature, their initiatives embody a holistic and health-centric environment, and can be broken down into four main categories:

  1. Underserved Areas in Healthcare

  2. First Responders

  3. Conservation and Education

  4. Veterans

A veteran’s commitment to their country is something Wellness Wishes takes very seriously; and the team there works every day to make a positive impact in the veteran’s community.  In doing so, they’ve created various programs and services, specifically for veterans, and have partnered with other non-profits, such as Victory for Veterans.

Some of their veterans programming includes job placement, skilled training, military to civilian vocational transition and contributions for veterans needs and assistance.

They have an initiative that works closely with Veterans Affairs Departments in schools and universities to assist with veteran educational expenses.

Their ‘Rescued Wishes’ program places animals of all varieties with veterans.  Serving a dual purpose, this program rescues animals who are need of a loving, forever home and places them with veterans suffering from physical and non-physical disabilities, limitations, are alone, or simply value the benefit of a companion animal and are willing to open their lives and homes for these new family members.  The ‘Rescued Wishes’ program covers the cost of placing the animal with the veteran, as well as monthly food and supplies costs.

Wellness Wishes also has a Veterans Ambassador Program the objective of which, is to integrate veterans into communities to engage public relations, drive engagement, promote awareness and raise funds regarding veteran’s issues; as well as interact personally with veteran’s groups, services and healthcare facilities.  Some of their roles and responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating with Veterans Affairs Directors and Departments at colleges and universities

  • Engaging veteran’s hospitals, clinics and other healthcare organizations to drive fundraising efforts for veterans

  • Developing and managing various funds for veteran’s assistance

  • Developing and maintaining partnerships with other like-minded non-profits

  • ALSO:  Some Veterans Ambassadors will be working as therapy pet handlers, bringing this special kind of therapy into veterans’ homes, groups and communities

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