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Join Steven TONIGHT for "Beneficial Bravado!" with Warriors for Life (WFL), Presented by VFV!

Updated: Apr 24

Join our Volunteer, Air Force Veteran, Peer Support Specialist, and Writer/Author Steven Bates TONIGHT for "Mid-Week Musings!" edition of Warriors for Life (WFL) Online, sponsored and presented by Victory for Veterans, Inc. (VFV). Where all types of Warriors get together for genuine camaraderie, different topics, friendship, and supportive discussions.

Invite a Friend, tell a friend, and get connected, get involved, with Veterans, Service Members, First Responders, Military Families/Spouses, and Caretakers every Wednesday Night!

TONIGHT's Topic: "Beneficial Bravado!"

"On this date in 1912, amid a bevy of bravado from the ship's designer and architect Thomas Andrews, the Titanic set sail on its maiden voyage from Southampton, England to New York CIty.  The beneficial bravado built up a frenzy of passenger purchases as young and old, rich and poor, famous and not-so-famous clamored to be among those setting sail on the largest ship afloat at the time. 

In the same way, bravado among veterans and those struggling with PTSD and depression is often just as beneficial as it was to ticket sales to the Titanic.  Bravado in the face of adversity helps build confidence, establish goals, and create a positive self image, often when the person needs it most to push through the most trying of times.  How often do you use bravado to boost your own abilities? How beneficial is bravado in the long run?" Air Force Veteran Steven Bates 

Join Air Force veteran and author Steven Bates as "Beneficial Bravado" is discussed with the Warriors for Life Support Group's Mid-Week Musings session tonight through Victory for Veterans, Inc. (VFV).

Warriors for Life (WFL) Online, present by Victory for Veterans, Inc. (VFV) — Wednesday (TONIGHT), 10 April 2024 at 4:30 PM PT, 5:30 PM MT, 6:30 PM CT, and 7:30 PM ET

Thank you,

Steven Bates

Air Force Veteran, Writer/Author, Peer Support Specialist, &

Volunteer Facilitator, Victory for Veterans, Inc.

“Honor & Respect Always — Warriors for Life!”


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