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Written by veteran Ken Landgren, Flavors from the World is filled with delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. This cookbook features flavor profiles from different regions of the world, and offers a simple, uncomplicated approach to cooking.

Available in PDF format only, your purchase supports the VFV mission.

Ken Landgren retired from the army at Ft. Leavenworth, KS and currently hales from Lansing, KS.  He has many fond memories growing up in the Philippines as a military brat. It is a tropical country and archipelago with stunning National Geographic like settings.  In the humid nights his family hosted numerous dinner parties with delicious food and much wine. Those are some of his fond and distant memories.

One week after graduating from high school he traveled to Texas to attend college and majored in Finance and Accounting.  However, he decided to enlist in the army and subsequently attended Officer Candidate School (OCS).  Mr. Landgren worked in several fields - Aviation, Armor, Logistics, Budget, and Finance. He states his greatest achievement was taking care of the soldiers and their families.  Establishing a good culture for the unit was paramount.

Unfortunately, he was medically retired due to PTSD at the 20-year mark. Mr. Landgren essentially healed himself and subsequently wrote a book pertaining to PTSD that has helped many veterans heal. He expressed having PTSD was like going on a mental and emotional reconnaissance in order to illuminate the route to the finish line for veterans who need to heal. 

Mr. Landgren became a writer after the army.  He authored a cookbook and a PTSD healing book.  He laughed when confiding he wishes to become the most interesting man in the world because he lists professional gambler as his current occupation. The focus of his wagering is exclusively college football and hopes the success from last year will be replicated this year.  

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