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Victory for Veterans x Space of Mind Have Partnered to Provide Mental Health Support for Veterans and First Responders

The partnership aims to bridge the gap in the PTSD continuum of care by offering accessible support in the form of group sessions led by therapists.  Learn how to tap into a place of calm - even when life is anything but. Join our weekly sessions to learn the practice and full benefits of iRest, a technique focused on building resilience. Every session, you will be introduced to tools to help you manage your emotions, overcome limiting beliefs and build your own coping skills toolkit.

About Space of Mind

Space of Mind's mission is to support individuals navigating traumatic stress, equipping them with tools to elevate their overall quality of life. They provide an accessible destination where those affected by posttraumatic stress can transform their experiences into opportunities for growth, wisdom, and healing.


In Space of Mind groups, they don’t view negative emotions as problems needing to be fixed, rather they are integral components of a rich and complete life. Humans have a tremendous capacity for resilience and trauma doesn’t break us, but limiting beliefs can make our worlds smaller and less enjoyable.  


Space of Mind fills the gap in the PTSD continuum of care that is difficult to access elsewhere. Fewer than 9% of veterans diagnosed with PTSD seek specialty PTSD treatment at the VA, indicating that many veterans experience PTSD-related functional impairment without support. With regards to mental health support, qualitative and quantitative research indicates that veterans are looking for convenience, home-based care, privacy and a sense of belonging to a relatable community. Anonymous online, trauma-informed spaces address those needs, and their world-class facilitators have deep knowledge and training in healing from trauma. At Space of Mind, they don’t start with “what’s wrong with you” - instead members are viewed as fellow travelers who want support getting unstuck after dark and difficult experiences.  Everyone has a different path to healing, so they skip the advice and lean into connection, shared humanity, and science-based coping skills.


Space of Mind's approach to healing from trauma prioritizes accepting ourselves with deep compassion and allowing for the full range of experiences as humans on a journey. Space of Mind groups utilize a combination of skills coaching and authentic and supportive connection with peers to help individuals with traumatic stress work towards building a more fulfilling life.

Tap Into An Inner Safe Haven

Learn Practical Tools

Gain access to coping skills tailored to support wellbeing based on studies approved by the Defense Centers of Excellence as Complementary and Alternative Medicine warranting continuing research for its use in the treatment of PTSD. The U.S. Army General has listed the iRest practice as a Tier 1 approach for addressing pain management in Military Care.


Weekly Sessions
Led by a Therapist

Group facilitator Liza Lichtinger specialises in positive behavior change and mindfulness based CBT. She is an authority on research in optimal mental wellness and applications of mindfulness across the veteran population.


Track Weekly Progress

Benefit from our measurement-based care approach by completing a weekly check-in to start seeing how you’re progressing after each session. Additional support tools will be available to you on the platform to help you develop your own coping skills toolkit.

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