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VFV Challenge COIN Program
"Warriors for Life" Coin

WFL Coin Front_edited.jpg

What is the meaning of the "Warrior for Life" Challenge Coin?

Front side of the coin

The red phoenix symbolizes being reborn from its ashes by choosing to live with
strength, determination, and courage beyond our trauma. The points at the end of the
five feathers symbolize the five branches of the Armed Services. Every service is
unique, but the pain and triumph of recovery and healing is universal. The points at the
end of each feather on the backside of the phoenix’s head that symbolize the
knowledge, determination, and a source of continued strength that Victory for Veterans
and Warriors for Life provides for the Warriors in need. The phoenix is housed inside a
dark steel shield, a reminder of the reality that everyone will always have struggles,
however, our experiences and unity will make made us strong.

Back side of the Coin:

The seals of the Armed Services are touching, forming the symbol of unity, and
bordered by the five pillars that encapsulate our core beliefs and values. An image of a
gold star is created by the unifying of the seals of the Armed Services. Our mission is
not restricted to only veteran suicide. The gold star symbolizes the family members and
caregivers who have been affected by veteran suicide. And those left behind after a
service member passes for any reason. Their fight will never be over, and their
sacrifices and needs will not be forgotten. The teal and purple rings on the inside edge
of the border edge are the recognized colors for suicide awareness and prevention. The
rings placement is a reminder that we may not be dealing with suicide at any particular
moment, and it’s not always in front of us. It is, however, always there. It is a reality that
we need to be aware of and ready to act if we find ourselves in the position to bring a
warrior back from the edge. Our mission, Operation Prevent Veteran Suicide, is on the
red outermost border because suicide cannot be the thing that ultimately surrounds us.
We are the strength that surrounds others when they are in their dark place, and they
are our strength when we have lost the will and desire to see the sun rise again.

Written by Matthew Zien  

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