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Reach Out to Our Veterans With Love

We at Victory for Veterans thank you for dropping by. Our goal is that you find hope and answers here.  We try to  help you stand strong.  We hope you will join us often to get more signs of hope. Stay strong!

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The time rushes by. We have our busy lives, and we are often oblivious to what is going on around us. We think about ourselves. We black out the world and see what we can do to better our lives.

This may, or may not be you, but I have seen so much of this on TV, in newspapers, and in conversations with others.

They say it is a dog eat dog world. Only those who take care of themselves will survive. There is a sucker born every minute.

These  common phrases drive us to be selfish and work hard to get ahead of others.

I want to switch your thinking a little. Think about those military who are in harm’s way in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Korea.

Do you think for one New York minute that those soldiers only worry about taking care of themselves? They have each other’s six, (Back.) They are brothers and sisters in arms. They want everyone to be safe and alive.

Then there are the veterans who come home wounded, fighting PTSD, Depression, TBI, etc. They are trying to transcend into civilian life, and it can be very difficult for some of them. They need love like anyone else.

These heroes try to work to support their family, but they fear being in big crowds. They shudder even when the popcorn is popping at the office.

They fought for us, and now it is time for us to fight for them.

Find way to reach out to a veteran. Take them to lunch. Just sit and talk with them. Show you care. You will be amazed how much that cheers them up. They need to know the love they deserve.

Keep connected with them through email, or Facebook. Share a laugh with them.

Here is another common phrase: “They feel like they are on island by themselves.” So many of our veterans feel that way. They have people around them, but the self-doubt, pain of being alone, or being afraid to mingle at a party is quite common for many of these veterans.

That is why we have the awful statistic of 22 veterans ending their own lives every day. (Yes, I said every day.)

This needs to stop. We need to reach out to these heroes and show them people love them and care..

Here is a helpline for any of you who are hurting. Please know that you haven’t failed if you ask for help. It takes guts to do that. You are brave if you seek help.



You are never alone.

You are never forsaken.

You are never unloved.

And above all….Never, ever, give up!

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