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A Veteran Slipped Away

A Veteran Slipped Away

By Steven Bates 14 Aug 2023

A veteran slipped away last night

For reasons his, he took his life

The pain he felt was real and right

He's had his hardships, had his strife

But what he didn't have was Hope

To stop him from the choice he made

He didn't have hands on a rope

To pull him from the shade

Yes, pain he had, though that was real

He needed to hold out

If only others, his pain could feel

He might still be about

But no one knew the pain he bore

The demons he would fight

The moccasins for miles he bore

Or when he lost his sight

No one knew to reach a hand

And no one is to blame

But sadly, all throughout this land

The results are still the same

Veterans dying every day

By their own hand they're taken

And oft it seems our own VA

Have somehow been forsaken

In giving any help to those

Who struggle dark and deep

It's as if our VA sadly chose

which vets they want to keep

So keep an eye and ear on friends

on veterans, kin, and neighbors

Listen when they're at their ends

You just might be their savior

A veteran slipped away last night

Let his death be not in vain

Try your best to help them fight

They've everything to gain.

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