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Stress is Gone
Guided Meditation

We are very excited to announce a special meditation program starting in our group just for you. This style of guided meditation is the easiest way Brett Cotter (founder of Stress Is Gone) has found to reduce stress and anxiety. It’s designed to bring participants into a deeply relaxed state and release long held tension from their mind and body. 


Meditators showed an 87% reduction in hospitalization rate for heart disease and an average of 56% reduction in hospitalization rate for all other major categories of disease, when compared to non-meditators. 

Change happens when we shift our behavior and showing up twice per week for 20+ minutes is the perfect way to start reducing your stress. 

Our meditations will be on Zoom, are free for you to attend, over time will increase your ability to relax, and are led by volunteers. 

While participating please get comfortable, lay down on your back with one hand on your heart and the other on your stomach, close your eyes, stay muted on zoom, and follow along with the voice of the volunteer meditation leader. 

SIG Meditation Flyer.png

Meditation Schedule
May 15-June 26


12noon ET / 11am CT / 10am MT / 9am PT



861 7421 5031




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