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A Word from Our Founder

A Word from Our Founder

February 7, 2017

Where we started

This whole thing started on a Thursday barely over two weeks ago. It was then that we began approaching others and this thing took off from there. We have identified key players, who have been working like crazy behind the scenes to sharpen this thing to a focus. Much has been accomplished to date, and much more is just getting started.

We held our first meeting of the key players on Friday night and came away with a plethora of information, which we will now attempt to bring to all of you. We regret that information has not been faster coming out, but please understand that one of the first things we decided was to refrain from releasing inaccurate or incomplete information.

Where we are

One of the first things we learned from an expert that we invited into the meeting was that the cost of a D.C. event will be staggering. Far and above anything we had imagined. We had a very detailed lesson on what is involved in an event of this magnitude and the costs involved. From this, we have determined that the likelihood of holding a major event in DC this year is slim. Our conclusion drawn from this was that we need to refocus our efforts.

We believe based on what we’ve learned so far that our cause would be best served by holding local events, simultaneously in Capitols and Cities across the Nation as was the original plan, BUT either eliminate the DC event altogether or scale it back to a similar “grass roots” size to the rest of the events. This will accomplish a few things: First, any costs will be on a much smaller scale, which is a big deal considering that there has been no funding asked for or received thus far. Second, it would be a massive learning experience for us and give us the tools we need to go even bigger for 2018. Next, it would give us credibility and begin to give us a name, which we could then capitalize on for future events and apply toward accomplishing our core goals.

What’s our goal here?

We are here for several reasons, but they all boil down to one thing: Taking care of America’s Veterans and their families. First we wish to raise awareness on some issues that we feel don’t get enough attention, and the attention they do get lacks meaningful action. Suicide, Homelessness, PTSD, TBI, and VA issues are the “flagship” issues, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be more. As a group we encourage anything that can help veterans and should legislation be presented in a state that we are actively working in be proposed we will encourage and support veterans in that state to speak out and up to their elected officials

Where are we going?

We fully expect to draw attention from both our government and media sources. Once this is achieved, the impact will expand our abilities for affecting the change we seek. We are already planning our expansions to Legislation, fundraising, maybe forming a foundation, and direct action when those items fall within our means. We don’t just want to raise awareness. Everyone already knows. We want to never let them forget and then actually make a positive and lasting effect on all those statistics we’re all so familiar with.

We would like to thank all of you for your interest and patience and say thank you in advance for all the amazing things to come. ~Jason

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