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Kimmer's Korner

Take A Hike

What I did for your love.

Was to allow you to have your way.

Instead of me, I put you above.

And let you have your say.

True, at times we had fun.

But I didn't have me.

Why didn't I run?

I should have left you be.

My time with you wasn't honest and pure.

It was never just the two of us.

And it wasn't really easy to endure.

Was it really love or lust.

I couldn't live without you.

Back in those days.

A lifetime later when I made a breakthrough.

And I truly was amazed.

That I came to my senses.

When I put you down.

I didn't think of the expenses.

Or why I kept you around.

You kept me away from what I wanted to be.

My dreams were no longer.

The love I had for you, on the inside made me bleed.

But now I am stronger.

I don't need to have you.

So, Burbon, take a hike.

Because back then I hadn't a clue.

That I could have a wonderful life.

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