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The Colonel's Motivational Quotes of the Day!

The Colonel’s Motivational Quotes of the Day!

Good “Sunday” Morning “Burroughs’ Posse,” and all great connections. Welcome from the “Eagle’s Nest” in Castle Rock, CO! — 27 December 2020!

Today is: “Subjective Day!” Why Not?

“Leaders take facts into account…cultivating trust and openness means being direct when sharing any information. Making decisions based on facts will save time and avoid doubt. Avoid being subjective because ‘you think’ or ‘maybe’ your opinion is the right one!” COL (Ret) Mikel Burroughs

Join Veteran & Certified Support Specialist SFC Richard Williamson TONIGHT for Warriors for Life (WFL) and his special guest Ashley McLean:

There will be no WFL on New Year’s Eve 31 Dec 2020. WFL will return Thursday on 7 January 2021.

Support our Warriors in Need — "Challenge them to Stay Alive!":

Veterans in need of Financial Assistance due to hardship:

The Quote in the Picture Today Reads: “Good is subjective. What is good for you, may not be good for me.” — Izey Victoria Odiase

More Awesome Quotes for Today’s Message:

“Value isn’t objective it is subjective on the opinions of others, not you.” — Unknown Author

“All experience is subjective.” — Gregory Bateson

“No sane person should believe that something is subjective merely because it cannot be settled beyond controversy.” — Hilary Putnam

“The entire value of a person is subjective to your relationship with them.” — Natalia Kills

“Opinions are secondary when dealing with reality. They’re subjective reflections.” —Frederick Lenz

“Nature and literature are subjective phenomena; every evil and every good thing is a shadow which we cast.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Sometimes the situation is only a problem because it is looked at in a certain subjective, negative, ungrateful way.” — Edward de Bono

Be a Survivor and Reach Out and Join us for Warriors for Life (WFL) “Peer-to Peer”Virtual Group Support where “Sharing is Caring!”:

“Remember this always and the meaning runs deep for all those who’ve served this great nation: 'Honor & Respect Always — Warriors for Life!' " — COL (Ret) Mikel Burroughs

Check out all the BLOGs at Victory for Veterans:

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