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The “Colonel’s” VFV Motivational/Inspirational Quotes & Message of the Day!

Bottomline - spread more joy and love this holiday season!
Today's Message is: "Joy Day!" Why Not?

The “Colonel’s” VFV Motivational/Inspirational Quotes & Message of the Day!


“Happy Christmas Eve — May this day be a reminder of hope, love, and joy He brings into our lives.”

Good “Sunday & Christmas Eve!” Morning “Band of Brothers & Sisters,” and all great connections.  Welcome from the “Colonel’s Foxhole” in Conroe, TX — 24 December 2023!


Today’s Message is:  “Joy Day!”  Why Not?


“Leaders find joy in helping others become their very best version of themselves.  Have you found joy in leadership?” —  COL (Ret) Mikel Burroughs

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The Quote in the Picture Today Reads:


“Let’s spread more love and joy.” — Unknown Author


More Awesome Quotes for Today’s Message:


“Ask yourself this question:  Does it bring me joy?” — Kindly Abbey


“Just follow your joy.  Always.  I think that if you do that, life will take you on the course that it’s meant to take you.” — Jonathan Groff


“The joy we feel has little to do with the circumstances of our lives and everything to do with the focus of our lives.”  Russel M. Nelson


“Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.” — Marianne Williamson

“Joy does not simply happen to us.  We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.” — Henri J.M. Nouwen


“Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.” — Mother Teresa


“Let a joy keep you.  Reach out your hands and take it when it runs by.” — Carl Sandburg


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“The meaning runs deep for those men and women who’ve served this country: 'Honor & Respect Always — Warriors for Life’!" — COL (Ret) Mikel Burroughs


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Dec 25, 2023

Good Christmas Eve Colonel.

Replying to

Robert, thank you for the quotes...sorry I got tied up with family stuff this Christmas, but I hope you and your family had a wonderful and Merry Christmas my friend.


H Gene Lawrence
H Gene Lawrence
Dec 24, 2023

Good afternoon Col Burroughs and all of my brothers and sisters here on VFV. This is the season that most everyone wishes to find joy. Christmas is supposed to be full of joy, some for receiving Christmas presents and others rejoice in the joy that Christians have because of God’s gift to mankind. In the embodiment of Jesus Christ. May y’all have a joyous Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Taken from:

What Is Joy in Christianity?

What is joy in Christianity? It is a natural human inclination to think that living through trials and negative circumstances would not be an occasion for joy. Choosing to respond to life’s difficult situations with inner contentment and satisfaction doesn’t seem to make…

Replying to

Gene, I hope you and Linda a peaceful and relaxing Christmas this year. You've both got some very big decisions to make in the near future... we will always be praying for you and the decisions you finally make. Thank you for the quotes...


Dec 24, 2023

Joy is a two way street. You can't really experience it if you haven't also provided the environment that fosters it.

Replying to

You've got that right Jack. May yo and your family exeprience all the joy today my friend. Thank you!

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