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The Sweetest Sounds

The Sweetest Sounds

Steven Bates, October 15, 2023

As I lay strapped tight in my bed

Dark thoughts dancing through my head

I felt my will to stay and fight

Fade away to dimmest light

Calling me to safest shore

Oblivion promising pain no more

It spoke and teased of peace sublime

If I gave in and died this time

But something kept me from that fate

Though Life as it was I'd grown to hate

Could it have been that simple cross

Pinned on the wall had stopped my loss?

Could it have been that soft, still voice,

That told me I still had a choice?

That spoke through all the cluttered sound

That had my head a' spinning round

That soft still voice that spoke of hope,

And whispered ways for me to cope.

It softly sang away my fears

As peaceful sounds caressed my ears

It soothed my angst, my troubled soul

Repaired my wounds and made me whole

It said that life has much to give

If only I would stay and live

I listened to whispers as I lay

Tightly strapped and held at bay

And found that peace had come to me

Instead of stress, anxiety

I decided I would live my life

Regardless of whatever strife

Would come my way for now I know

That soft still voice taught me to grow

It taught that pain's a part of living

It taught that hope's forever giving

It taught that Life might have some sad

But it doesn't mean that Life's all bad

Life is so worth every try

To stay and fight, not up and die

It's worth the effort, worth the strain

Don't give it up first sign of pain

Have faith my friend and don't give up

No matter what's put in your cup

For cups can be emptied, drank, refilled

With Peace and Hope your Living shield

Live long my friends and fare thee well

And know that voice will also tell

All who ask that hope abounds

Which is, of course, the sweetest sounds

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