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Kameron Loe

Kameron Loe is a well-rounded businessman and a 16-year recognized veteran

professional baseball player who turned to an emerging new industry with a new medical

device platform that has turned healing into a passion.

From studying communications at California State University Northridge and

understanding the business component of where the Association of Professional Ball

Players of America (APBPA) has recently appointed Kameron to be President with the

distinguished panel of MLB and Hall of Fame greats. It was through over a decade of

doing presentations, charity events, and corporate speeches that caught the attention of

the Association and acquired Mr. Loe’s already existing high-profile exposure that has

expanded his reach and now influences over 100,000 members.

Mr. Loe sits on the advisory boards for: ​

Extreme Focus - A mental strength and performance company with a focus on

exceeding one’s potential in business and high-level athletics ​ - A baseball-focused talent and recruiting platform that helps evaluate

young players and connect them with college and professional opportunities.

Utilizing his entrepreneurship trade and applying this experience to the medical field, Mr.

Loe has created the first artificial intelligence guide Nano/pico-current technology

treatment center in the United States, named Haloe Health. The healing and

performance-enhancing results (all non-invasive and drug-free) are highly attractive to

professional athletes from all sports. This highly visited flagship facility has attracted

investors nationwide and internationally, allowing him to flourish invitations to open

future corporate stores and franchises with a waiting list. Now advancing the corporate

structure to opening a series of new and profitable medical technology-driven

corporations, Mr. Loe is now venturing into a series of new technologies that will be

featured in his new corporate offices, including the most cutting-edge, results-based and

natural solutions available in the world today. ​

Athletic Accolades:

NCAA Division 1, Big West Champions (2002)

Nolan Ryan Award for Texas Rangers minor league pitcher of the year (2004) ​

Unsung Hero Award with Milwaukee Brewers (2010)

N.L. Central Champion with Milwaukee Brewers (2011)

AAA Minor League World Series Champion with Royals affiliate Omaha Storm Chasers


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