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A rainy day...

The second day of steady rain in our area. I love the rain except for one minor detail....walking Harley boy in said rain. My favorite pass time is to walk Harley boy except for guessed it, one minor detail....rain. So those minor details have intersected the last two days. Harley and I have slogged through numerous down pours and poop droughts. Harley hates the rain too. He refuses to poop in the rain and that just means more trips, more wet shoes and drying off 110 pounds of wet dog... Just how many towels does it take to dry off 110 pounds of feisty, towel tug of warring Akita... lets just say "a buttload"....LOL So, without further ado, I will get to pictures. Over the last week, the humidity let up and I was able to get a couple nights of clear, dry skies and some sharp photos of the moon. I hope you enjoy them

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