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"Adventures in Ruth – The Proposal" – Tuesday Night (WFL) "Healing Through Faith!"

"Healing with Faith" through Warriors for Life (WFL) Virtual Group Support Community Service with your faithful host Veteran SGT Steve McFarland. We're about mid-way through the Adventures of Ruth, so don't miss out on this session Tuesday night.

"Adventures in Ruth – The Proposal"

Tuesday's Topic: Adventures in Ruth – The Proposal

We have come to the most bizarre part of the book of Ruth, the proposal. Everything about this event is backwards. Men are supposed to propose to women, not visa-versa, but that is exactly what happens in Ruth 3. Ruth proposes to Boaz, and in a very unusual way. Things could have gone horribly-wrong...

When we left Ruth and Naomi last time, Ruth had gleaned barley in a field belonging to Boaz. When she brought her harvest home to Naomi, their conversation revealed that Boaz was a close relative who was related to Elimilech, Naomi’s deceased husband. Naomi was already starting to “connect the dots“, and this passage shows how those “dots” got “connected“.

We need to keep in mind that women in that culture had very few rights to “self-determination“. They “belonged” to their father until they got married, and they “belonged” to their husband for as long as he lived. In this case, “belonged” was literal, because in many cultures, the girl’s father “sold” her to her future-husband. Girls and women were “property“, as were servants and slaves.

Security“, for a woman in that culture, meant having a husband, because women usually had no other means of support unless they became someone’s servant. Marriages were “arranged” by the parents of the bride, as is still the case in many cultures in that part of the world, and Ruth’s only surviving parent was Naomi, so it fell to her to try to get Ruth married-off. Finding a good husband for Ruth would provide “security” for both of them, something they lacked at that time.


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