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All I Have Is Prayer

All I Have Is Prayer

By Steven Bates 1 Jan 2024

I find that it's that time of year

when I must write a blog, I fear

I can't think of things worth writing 'bout

but perhaps prayer might work things out

For prayer is sometimes all I've got

When things are bad, my life is shot

Prayer is often all that's left

When hope's been plucked by fingers deft

Slyly taking all my dreams

When at my lowest, then it seems

Prayer is when I may gain hope

It keeps from that slippery slope

Of thinking I might end it all

So on my knees, I make the call

To Him above, I plead my case

To Him who rules o'er Earth and Space

To Him, I ask that He bring peace

To end my worries and troubles cease

To Him, I give my all in prayer

Unload my burdens, and sorrows share

And though my Lord might not provide

A simple solution, or an easy ride

I know that He will keep me safe

As I would to, to any waif

That came to me in desperate hour

I know that He alone has power

And through my prayer, I build my strength

To continue on at any length

And so, I find a simple blog

Is just a part, a piece, a cog

It's just a way for me to say

Don't forget to pray each day!

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