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Back to Basics – It All Starts With You

We are living in difficult times that will be talked about for generations. Very strict financial restraints, jobs unexpectantly put on hold or terminated, loss of income and employment, services you need being unavailable because of the government shutdown, and all the extra stressors that come with life. When you put it in that context, the situation and perceived outcome appear to be bleak at best.

There is no doubt that we all have more stressors than we care to acknowledge, yet we are still expected to get the job done effectively and efficiently and make life happen for ourselves and those who depend on us

The point of this is not to tell you things you already know, but present ideas and tools to assist you with the challenges we are facing. You are all extremely smart, innovative, and creative. But there is one more thing that we need to add to our arsenal of attitudes:

Redefined resilience

When we think of resilience, we often think, “When you fall down, dust yourself off and get back up.” While true, I want you to think about it in a broader, less catastrophic specific, and a more daily challenge specific sense. Circumstances take away certain tools we have been using, but we are still expected to get the job done.

We can approach this in two ways: You can complain about it, make excuses as to why it can’t be done, blame others, or you can solve the problem. Be resilient. Control the controllable. Yes, it will require a little more effort, a little more ingenuity, a little more effective and creative communication, but it can be done. There will be setbacks, but that is life. Press forward and try again.

This is what separates us from everyone else. It is our ability to rise above and change our thinking methodology from “I can’t do this,” to “how can I do this?”

One of the most important ways of accomplishing this task of solving the problem is our attitude.