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Drop in TONIGHT for "Fearless!" & Warriors for Life (WFL) "Healing Through Faith!" Edition & VFV!

Drop in TONIGHT with Volunteer, Army Veteran & former First Responder Steve McFarland for "Healing Through Faith!" edition of Warriors for Life (WFL) Online, sponsored and presented by Victory for Veterans, Inc. Where all types of Warriors get together for genuine camaraderie, different topics, friendship, and supportive discussions.

Invite a friend, tell a friend, and get connected, get involved, with Veterans, Service Members, First Responders, Military Families/Spouses, and Caregivers every Sunday Night!

TONIGHT's Topic: "Fearless!"

We are bombarded 24/7 by fear-mongers with messages that "the sky is falling", and if we don't accede to their demands, the "sky" will fall on us, but is the "sky" really falling? Peddling fear-porn has become big-business, and some fear-mongers have become famous and fabulously wealthy. Why are we believing their lies, when the evidence to debunk them is staring us in the face? Have we become that gullible? Have we become so used to listening to all the wrong voices that we have forgotten that only ONE Voice really matters, God's?

How should we respond?

How much of their hype should we believe?

Fear not...

God knew that we would be afraid of, or fear many things, which is why the most repeated commands in the Bible are "fear not", or "do not be afraid". Those two phrases appear more than three-hundred times in the Bible, so God must have thought that we need to have it repeated often enough for us to finally get the point.

We will look at a couple of examples from the ministry of Jesus Christ.

Are YOU fearless?

Join us TONIGHT with Steve as we make new connections and start some interesting conversations about "Fearless!" Everyone is welcome!

Warriors for Life (WFL) "Healing Through Faith!" Edition, presented by Victory for Veterans, Inc. (VFV) – Sunday (TONIGHT), 5 November at 4:30 PM PT, 5:30 PM MT, 6:30 PM CT, and 7:30 PM ET

Join Meeting from PC, Mac, or Browser:

Copy & paste URL, Enter Meeting ID: 462 390 7474 Hit Join!

Or iPhone one-tap (US Toll):

+1(773) 231 9226,,4623907474#

Or Telephone: Dial:

+1 (773) 231 9226 (US Toll)

Meeting ID: 462 390 7474

Thank you,

Steve McFarland

Army Veteran & First Responder

Volunteer Facilitator, Victory for Veterans, Inc. (VFV)

"Healing Through Faith!"


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