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The following applications came to Victory For Veterans/US Veteran Jobs via our Employment IT Apprenticeship Program’s HARDSHIP APPLICATION…  These tell their stories in a snapshot!  We get about 2-3 per week!  We/THEY need your help to enter this awesome program!  This is only a small portion of the ones we have received.  Would you be able to make a donation on their behalf?

100% (you read it right… one hundred percent) of the donation goes to the Veteran IT Apprenticeship program!

Please consider giving today and helping these veterans out — AND their kids! 

Click here to donate ==>  Veterans IT Program

#1Family Members You SupportTravis —— age 8, Devin —— age 6Tell us your story, why do you need the Hardship donation?After leaving the military, everything I have tried has fallen through. I started my own business and as of December, that tanked. I lost my last client after I was involved in a car accident right before Christmas. I have applied to multiple jobs but to no avail. I am supporting my children, I am a single mother, off of my disability, (70%). Yesterday, before I found this website, I donated plasma for money for food and contemplated applying at Walmart and my local fast food. I am 37, I want more for my life, and my kids life, than that. I am willing to put in the work, I just need that step to help me.

#2Family Members You SupportChloe ——7 Roddy —–IV- 6Tell us your story, why do you need the Hardship donation?I am currently a stay at home mom and a disabled veteran. Both of my children are in school now and I am ready to get back into the work force. I am a hard worker and a quick learner. My husband is a long haul truck driver and since both children are in school now I would like to help my husband take care of our household needs.

#3Family Members You SupportZoe —— 17 yrs, Penelope —— 7 yrs, Gabriel —— 3 yrs, Evangeline —— 2 yrsTell us your story, why do you need the Hardship donation?My wife is currently our primary source of income. She works as a clerical in Northampton Children and Youth. I was going to school full-time using Vocational Rehabilitation. They paid my BAH up until the last semester where I only needed one more class to graduate. I am only allowed to take courses that went towards my major so I could go only go to school for one class. That wasn’t considered enough to receive any BAH at all. I took a seasonal job as a cook at a local Christmas fair. Right now I am unemployed looking for anything.  Cook is the best position I’ve gotten.

Family Members You SupportRylee-6, Jackson and Kennedy-1Tell us your story, why do you need the Hardship donation?I’ve been out of the Air Force 3 years now. I’ve gone through 8 jobs in that time and tried school twice. I just want to work, and do something worthwhile. The combination of a working apprenticeship fills my need for future planning and higher education.

#5Family Members You SupportDAUGHTER- TAYLOR ———Tell us your story, why do you need the Hardship donation?My name is ———– and I’ve lived in Atlanta, GA for about two and a half years now, and finding full-time employment has been a struggle since graduating from college. After being in the military for 8 years, the lessons learned and experiences gain prepared me for life on the outside, but I never knew that it would be this hard. Currently, I am in search of full-time employment and have been so for the last two years. Since I’ve been unemployed, I have been graced with the support and assistance of my family to pay my bills, but in the back of my mind, I struggled with accepting help. After thousands of searches, applications submitted and revised resumes I stumbled upon an email from Recruit Military, and in that email, I found out about this great opportunity from me to get back to work, while learning a critical skill. I currently do not have the expendable income to pay the initial fee to enroll in the program since I do not have a job. My sister and mom and basically paying the bills right now, and I want to be able to pay that back to them.

#6Family Members You SupportCora ——8 yrs oldTell us your story, why do you need the Hardship donation?I was wounded during combat operations in Iraq in 2009. Hit by an IED, feet got trapped under the seat in front of me and tore tendons on bottom of feet. It has taken 6 yrs to get to 80% of the man I was before going down range. Had to rehabilitate from wheel chair to crutches, to cane to no device to help walk and stand for long periods of time. Wanted to do border control until IED, then had to change course. This opportunity has the potential to be life changing for me.

#7Family Members You Supportleah —–37, alexis —–16,kamryn —–12,james —–.10, and andrew ——4Tell us your story, why do you need the Hardship donation?I work for a company that is called to send a shore tankerman to a  barge at a location. My company only gets paid if i tank a barge and with the price of oil right now the jobs are far and few. Im able to pay my bills most of the time, but i’m looking to stop the 24 to 36 hour jobs and the sub par treatment we endure along with the conditions. I found ETAC and i finally found hope.

#8Family Members You SupportWife Penny, 43, Son Aaron, 17 and Mother in law, 72Tell us your story, why do you need the Hardship donation?I have just retired and unfortunately have not secured any employment.  I only have enough money to pay bills with no extra being spent for a little over a month.

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