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is PROUD to announce the merger with


Both organizations’ mission is to serve Veterans by improving lives in any area required whether suicide prevention, mental health, homelessness, joblessness, legislative change, PTSD, TBI, MST, disabilities and other challenges faced by our Veterans.

VMOA’s major NATIONAL event, the MARCH, is taking place May 20, 2017 in a city near you! For city locations go to:

We welcome your involvement to lead a city or march alongside others in support of our Veterans.

“This merger represents the commitment of VFV to partner with organizations to have the biggest impact possible on behalf of our Veterans. It is the combination of forces; people in this case that provides the significant base with which to tackle major problems in our systems of care for our Veterans. We are very fortunate to join forces with these great folks to raise awareness for Veterans and build the strongest foundation we can” says Steve Durgin, Founder and CEO of Victory For Veterans Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Durgin further states, “VMOA is a strong activist group that has established 30 or more cities within 1 short month to ‘March On America’ and be ONE VOICE with and for Veterans on that day. VFV has the infrastructure in place, namely its 501(c)3 and incorporation, to begin fundraising for the Billion Dollar fund in support of Veterans for lifetimes to come.”

Rich Hanner, COO of Veterans March On America says, “Merging with VFV was a no brainer for us. We knew we had to incorporate, get our 501(c)3, and other administrative tasks that they already had in place… and we only had two more months to get all that done. 501(c)3’s can take up to a year to get. We also believe partnering in this abundance of nonprofits makes the most sense as well, as long as the mission of each organization aligns well with one another. In this case we feel we are very well aligned. This merger was perfect timing with the perfect organization. We are excited about the march and have plans in place for many other events – soon to be released as well”.

Veterans March On America is an grass roots association to unite Veterans and the Public to ONE VOICE to present to all citizens and government about the needs of Veterans today and in the future.

Find out more at: and

Victory For Veterans Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization developing an national ecosystem of partners to deliver superior services for our Veterans specializing in saving lives and improving quality of life. VFV was established October 19, 2016 in Fountain Valley, CA.

Find out more at: and

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