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Kimmer's Korner I Won't Give Up On Me (written by Kimmer)

Here I'm awake at 0335.

It doesn't matter because I'm still alive.

My life has been a bumpy ride.

And a few times I wanted to die.

But I made it back thru the door.

I am so amazed that it knocks me to the floor.

Sure, it still hurts but more days I'm looking for.

I myself am worth the fight to my core.

I won't give up on me.

I won't sit in the corner, so don't let me be.

And you can join me under the shade tree.

I would love your company don't you see.

I'd rather be with you.

Or even my best friend in Michigan, Sue.

We can talk, listen to music anything but being blue.

It doesn't matter as long as it's together what we do.

I'll end this rhyme.

Knowing that I feel fine.

Thanks for your time.

Off I go as I deeply sigh.

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