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I realize I have maybe 5 seconds of your time… and I’ve already used that up in this opening line..!

Please hang with me through this message…

I just watched “Snowden”.  A movie about a whistle blower who stood against the government of almighty USA. Why? Because he believed it was the right thing to do, in spite of ALL he would face once he turned the corner.

He risked his comfortable life, left his girlfriend not knowing much about what he was doing (after all he did work for the CIA and NSA). He didn’t know where he was going, left a very high salary, great benefits, etc., etc., etc….

In many ways I feel like Snowden and I want to tell you more of my story… and the story of some hurting people!

I left my comfortable life, great salary as a Consulting Controller for businesses in the Los Angeles area, lived 3 miles from Huntington Beach, CA.  Had a nice home…friends… just plain comfortable and enjoyable!

Why did I leave?  Because I believed something had to be done and that it was the right thing to do!

BUT, our cause is for our Veterans.  Not as lofty and big as Snowden saving the freedom of speech for all in the USA and protecting YOU, its citizens from the spying eyes of our government.  Perhaps not as lofty but I believe it needs to be said for the sake of our citizens, those we call Veterans.

What is a Veteran?  Someone who has served our country, protecting its borders, inside and out, against attack, much like Snowden was protecting in cyberspace!

I, for one, and I sure hope you agree, believe that we owe these men and women much.  We owe them access to jobs, health care, housing, and mostly our love and care and letting them know that we are grateful and have their backs when they come home; returning to “civilian” life!  And you know what?  They don’t want a hand out, but a hand up, a help to manage the transition from service to civilian.  Many won’t admit they need help as they are trained in self sufficiency, but many need help!

Unlike Snowden, I am not blowing any whistle on wrongdoing, although many had hoped I would as we, yes we (which includes you) are failing our Veterans!  I am simply calling us (you, me and all 330+ million civilians and Veterans to give a damn!

So, back to my story just for a bit.  I had that good job, home, comfort… yada yada yada… I sold everything and bough an old RV (1996) and took off driving around the country to raise awareness and funds in the hopes you all would follow me and join me when I got to your city and bicycle with me… and actually contribute to something for Veterans.

My wife, still with me thank God, still thinks I am crazy and we’re living too close to the edge.

Also by the way, I don’t like living in this RV in this manner… I’ll tell you more of that story some day, but it is NOT a fun time… The RV has broken down twice, got froze out once and in general is just too small compared with our relatively small 1,400 sq. ft. home in Huntington Beach!  I think this RV is about 250 sq. ft…!

The part of Snowden’s story that I hope you make the connection with is that like him, I am telling the story of millions who can’t tell their own story.  Yes, our Veterans who are struggling remain silent!  Many can’t speak up or have tried and their voice fell on deaf ears!  Many beg for support from the VA, the organization tasked with providing that help and they don’t get it!

Folks, I am asking you to join me and BE THEIR VOICE!  …to STAND UP and FIGHT for them!

Some are on the brink of homelessness, poor health, close to ending their lives, close to losing their family ~ in some cases their only support system left…  Did you know more than 22 take their lives on a DAILY basis?

As one general says, “This is a national crisis and disgrace”.

People of our great United States of America, stand up! Fight! Take a risk to help a Veteran.

I am asking not to support ME, but support a Veteran!

How can you support a Veteran through VFV?

Our first major initiative, already underway is Employment

We at Victory For Veterans have an awesome initiative we launched in early November called the Veteran IT Apprenticeship program where a veteran can learn a new skill and be well paid when they enter this new career.

*** If you contribute to this program, 100% of your gift goes to this fund!

This is UNHEARD of folks!

BUT, I’ll prove it to you if you just write me or call me.  I’ll tell you how it works!  ALL of our initiatives will have a ‘sustainability’ factor to them if we’re going to be successful!

For those Veterans needing a hand up, this program is FREE for them!

Are you ready to help us get our goal of 2,000 Veterans in this program?

Yep, you heard right 2,000… It takes $500 per which means that’s $1M to get 2,000…  If you’re ready then just join #GiveABuckClub and share it with your friends!  Folks, it IS that easy!

ONE MILLION giving ONE BUCK makes this happen.  Can you spare a BUCK?

Our next initiative: Health

We are about to launch a new initiative in health, called HBOT.  HBOT stands for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.  Not new, but too expensive, like $150 per hour, for veterans on the edge to afford… but it HEALS!  And the insurance companies and our Veterans Administration don’t acknowledge its healing powers yet and therefore won’t cover the expense.  We have a way to get these treatments FREE to Veterans AND make a profit to build more Clinics!  But the first one takes cashola!

The FIRST HBOT Clinic will cost us $1M to get started… BUT after just 2 ½ years it will not only pay off the $1M but it will be able to fund the next HBOT Clinic!!!  After that it can fund new clinics every year.  Then the second clinic can fund another HBOT in just 1 year.  Etc., etc., etc… and I think you see the exponential power of starting the FIRST ONE!

   BUT, it takes $1M to start the first one…  Can we get some help to start the first one?

Like the Vet IT Apprenticeship, your contribution to this All goes to the program. Yep 100%!!!

Call me and I’ll share how we do this… It is too long for this letter to you all.

By the way, each machine in each clinic will support up to 500 Veterans receiving a full 40 “dive” treatment per year.  You can learn more by writing me in the Contact Us section of our web site and ask me for more info… I share as much info as you want! J

We’ve seen veterans with TBI ~ healed!  With PTSD ~ get better. With injuries, bruises, broken things ~ improvements… the list of what this helps is very, very long!  Is it magic, NO, but we know it works on most!  I am NOT a doctor but I KNOW this treatment works… And we’re offering it free for Vets.

These clinics will offer more than HBOT, but I just wanted to focus on the HBOT in this note to you all.

These treatments will be FREE for Veterans!

So, are you ready to help us build the first one?  It only takes ONE BUCK from ONE MILLION folks to make it a reality for the first one!  Join the #GiveABuckClub and make it happen!

Are you an investor?  We can give you a handsome return AND get it funded, paid for, return your capital and earnings, and still open a new facility within 3 years!

Our next initiative deals with HOUSING!  The all important roof over our heads!

  1. The Housing initiative is to help Veterans BUY a home and get a great deal, get actual cash back in the transaction (up to $11,000), but most importantly set their expectations on what size home in a given area they can afford and how they will manage the buying process!

This program will launch within the month and will help and affect millions of Vets annually.

We have other initiatives under way like our Warriors For Life support groups, our Weapons Package that helps Veterans cope with PTS and other traumas in their lives, March On America, Flowers on Every Grave, and help navigating the complex benefit structure of the VA for health, disabilities and pensions!

These programs are FREE for struggling Veterans!

Folks, I am not asking you to sell your homes, leave the comforts of family, friends, loved ones and do what I am doing or what Snowden did… I ask for you to CARE!

   It is in caring that we RESTORE HOPE for a Veteran!

Care about our Veterans enough to join the #GiveABuckClub.  This means you actually give a buck and share this opportunity with your friends, family, loved ones, acquaintances, FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc…

If you want to check it all out, then write me at or call me on my cell at 925.464.9107.  Yep, I put my email and cell phone out there so you can access me directly.  Just know that if you don’t hear back in a day or so that I am overwhelmed by calls! J which is a good thing by the way!   …. But I will return your email and/or call…

BUT, please folks, I plead with you to care enough about the folks who gave you your freedom and join the club!

  1. You can like and follow us on Facebook by going to VFVets.

  2. You can check out our web site at

  3. You can write me an email or call me as provided above…

BUT, don’t leave this page without making a decision… Don’t scroll down and not do something in this moment!  Take that step to say YES, or NO…  If YES, then please join us!

Remember the definition of insanity by Albert Einstein, “… doing the same thing and expecting a different result”!

Folks, it’s time to take a different course of action!

Here’s how easy we’ve tried to make it to give.…  just text ‘Give22’ to 50155… it will ask how much you want to give and put in $1 and send.  You’ll then be asked for your payment info… That’s it!

RESTORE HOPE for a Veteran this Christmas season and join #GiveABuckClub

I, and the veterans we serve, say THANK YOU!

Steve Durgin

Founder, Victory For Veterans Foundation

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