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The “Colonel’s” VFV Motivational/Inspirational Quotes & Message of the Day!

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Today's Message is: "Credibility Day!" Why Not?

The “Colonel’s” VFV Motivational/Inspirational Quotes & Message of the Day!

Good “Saturday!” Morning “Band of Brothers & Sisters,” and all great connections. Welcome to the weekend from the “Eagle’s Nest” in The Woodlands, TX — 4 December 2021!

Today’s Message is: “Credibility Day!” Why Not?

“Credibility and character go hand in hand for a leader. One without the other leads to lack of trust. They are the foundation for the future direction of any organization and this country. People want leaders that are competent and trustworthy. Are you looking out for your team’s best interest and the people you lead?” — COL (Ret) Mikel Burroughs

Join COL (Ret) Mikel Burroughs for TONIGHT’s Warriors for Life (WFL) Online Peer Support Group, where “Sharing is Caring!”

Invite a friend, tell a friend, and share with your friends they may need support or know someone who needs support!

Get connected, get involved, with Veterans, Service Members, First Responders, Military Families/Spouses, and Caretakers/Caregivers every Saturday Night!

TONIGHT’s Topic: “Introduction to the VFV Blog & Open Discussion?”

Learn about Victory for Veterans' opening of the 1st Life Readiness Center in Denver, CO that provided holistic healing service to Veterans and First Responders:

For More information about Victory for Veterans, Inc (VFV) and the Warriors for Life (WFL) Online Peer Group Support and the Flower on Every Grave (Memorial Day) go to:

The Quote in the Picture Today Reads:

“Credibility is a basic survival tool.” — Rebecca Solnit

More Awesome Quotes for Today’s Message:

“If the American government wants to regain ‘We, the People’s’ trust, they must work harder to improve their credibility. Over several centuries the American people have lost all credibility in those they’ve elected. Somedays it feels like we’re governed by the federal and state mafias!” — Unknown Author

“Credibility is a leader’s currency. With it, he or she is solvent; without it, he or she is bankrupt.” — John C. Maxwell

“Without character, there is no credibility; and without credibility, there is no trust.” —Warren G. Bennis

“The most essential quality for leadership is not perfection but credibility. People must be able to trust you.” — Rick Warren

“Trust is built on credibility, and credibility comes from acting on others’ interests before your own.” — Stephen Denny

“Build your credibility so you won’t have to say the same thing twice before someone believes it.” — Unknown Author

“Credibility takes years to build, but a few hours to destroy.” — Elvind Reiten

Be a Survivor and Reach Out and Join us for Warriors for Life (WFL) “Peer-to Peer”Online Peer Support Group where “Sharing is Caring!”:

“Remember this always and the meaning runs deep for all those who’ve served this great nation: 'Honor & Respect Always — Warriors for Life!' " — COL (Ret) Mikel Burroughs

Check out all the BLOGs here on Victory for Veterans:

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