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A Life Unfinished

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Often I think and remind myself of all my accomplishments since my few darkest days. The people whose lives I’ve touched big and small, known and unknowingly.

This is a reminder to continue my journey. After all, there are even people that wouldn’t exist today if I didn’t strive past those dark days and moments.

A daily reminder of our ripple effects on everyone and the world around us as a whole.

Stop yourself for a moment and reflect on, ‘ If I allow someone’s bad day to change my day, this is a negative ripple.’

I continue that sequence over and over reproducing more negative in the days of others. At those moments we have a choice, we can be that negative ripple into the world and lives around us or we can overcome that interaction and be the positive ripple in spite of that negative interaction and experience.

These types of scenarios occur around and to us constantly. Does your bad day come home with you? Does it spread to those around you and your family like an infectious disease?

Sure, we are all guilty from time to time. If you try to remind yourself to be mindful of this happening to you; you become in control. Control of your life, control over the negative situations in your life and what you choose to create from them.

This is important to think about when we interact with anyone: family, friends, coworkers, and even strangers! Do we take the time to consider what others may mean by a comment? Or do we become automatically defensive and shut down?

When we are dealing with people especially in Group settings like family, work, social engagements, and Support groups as well we control how we perceive a comment or statement. This reminds me of the quote

> A chain is no stronger than its weakest link, and life is but a chain. -William James

How we each choose to hear each other is going to greatly change the message someone is trying to convey.

Thankfully in Warriors For Life support group, everyone is truly working towards the growth of themselves and each other. We are all individuals with similar conditions but many different lifestyles, obstacles, strengths and yes weaknesses too. Together we learn from each other and having each other allows for growth often past our expectations. The success of each member is dependent on each members tone, Message, support, and encouragement.

Take this message into your day and think about what kind of changes you can make in your life and the life of others by being mindful of receiving and giving statements and comments mindfully.

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